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Film School (US)

The Los Angeles-based group have been indie shoegaze pioneers since their formation in 2001. After two decades and a few lineup changes, their extensive discography presents dynamically textural, lush psychedelic rock that has included guest appearances by members of Pavement and My Bloody Valentine among Other. The 2021 LP We Weren't Here was praised for its dense instrumentation, where uncompromising hi-hats and heavy kicks co-exist with dreamy drone guitars.

This driving nature permeates their new album Field, released on Felte Records on August 25, 2023. Drawing comparisons to Slowdive and Catherine Wheel, the album cements Field Film School as a distinct, dominant force in the shoegaze scene. Drenched in an emotionally open, imaginative atmosphere, the album is both unique and expansive, leaving the door open to ever-evolving interpretation. Film School has never confined itself to the rigidity of specific details, and it is in Field that they invite us to look beyond the simple and safe, and to take a second look.

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Friday 20 September 2024, at 20:00

In 116 days
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