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How to capture a moment? Through the artist's eye and brush, the feeling of the moment remains. Sticks to the substrate and becomes a fragmentary story.

Jon Åkerlind collects these everyday moments. The round shapes catch the eye. A woman's legs in too tight stockings, the fruit in its shell, the bread breaking and the beer foaming in the glass. The forms are brushed forward in thin layers to a charged stillness. Section of reality in a limited color scale.
Oil is my material, says the artist. His knowledge of materials is deep after many years of studying classical painting but the haphazard cropping of the picture space is his own. He is an artist who seems to return to the same subject again and again, that's how it is when you've found a place you think is beautiful... The desire to paint rubs off on the viewer. The moment allows itself to be captured with an ease of speech and lingers for a long time.

Exhibition period 3 February – 2 March 

Vernissage February 3 at 12-16pm

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  • Kammaren

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