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The EP election - Meet the political parties!

Interkultur i Lund's association invites you to a meeting with local politicians, to discuss the development of our society and the upcoming EU elections. Everyone is welcome!

17.00-18.30: Coffee and mingling with the political parties. Learn to vote in our polling stations.
17.30-18.30: World Café - round table discussion.
18.30-19.30: Panel debate with representatives of the political parties.
The Social Democrats: Arwin Sohrabi Nejad
Left Party: Linnea Bengtsson
The Christian Democrats: To be announced
The moderates: Amanda Thonander
The Green Party: Ulf Holm
Sweden Democrats: Magnus Liljeroth
Center party: Annette Linander
The Liberals: Fredrik Brange
Note! The names are preliminary.

The theme for the World Café exercise and panel debate is the European Parliament elections, which will be held on 9 June 2024.

No pre-registration is required for this event, just show up!

If you want to suggest discussion topics or specific questions for the World Café exercise, contact us at

Link to facebook event:

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