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With a hundred years of perspective, we can look back at the 1920s; the "new age" after the First World War and a worldwide pandemic (the Spanish flu). This era was in many ways the beginning of modern society as a form, and it continues to influence our time. Societies change, values ​​are nuanced and new ideas are born, which also has consequences for individuals.

Follow along as our guide gives an introduction to 2 twenties. An exhibition that highlights a time of great upheaval, liberation and faith in the future, but also a hardening zeitgeist.

Included in the entrance fee, no advance booking. Gathering at the back of the White House (entrance hall), where there is a sign indicating the gathering place.

Dates, Times, Location

Thursday 20 June 2024, at 18:00

In 5 days

Sunday 23 June 2024, at 13:00

In 8 days

Saturday 13 July 2024, at 13:00

In 28 days

Sunday 21 July 2024, at 13:00

In 36 days

Thursday 1 August 2024, at 18:00

In 47 days

Sunday 4 August 2024, at 11:00

In 50 days

Thursday 15 August 2024, at 18:00

In 61 days

Thursday 5 September 2024, at 18:00

In 82 days
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