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Empowering a plant-based revolution – the Oatly story

Get in The Loop Talk: “Empowering a plant-based revolution – the Oatly story”

Oatly, the first and largest oat drink producer in the world, originated from visionary food scientists at Lund University who invented the world's first oat drink.

Listen to the story of how the food science start-up embarked on a global expansion journey, changing the world of coffee with their barista oat drink. But Oatly is about so much more than oat drink in your coffee. With the global science and innovation team centered in Lund, the company is on a mission to provide people around the world with great tasting, sustainable and healthy dairy alternatives based on oats – hacking the occasions where traditional dairy has been the default. Great tasting food experiences are essential to make it attractive and easy for people to shift to more plant-based food, good for both people and the climate.

Sofia Ehlde, Executive Vice President Food Innovation, has been a key person at Oatly since the early years in the late 90's.

Date: November 10, 2023
Time: 11:30-13:00 (free of charge! Talk 11:30-12:15, lunch will be served after the talk)
Location: Stadshallen in Lund (Stortorget 9) Botulfshörnan
Registration: Free of charge (lunch included), register here!
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