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Emil Jensen

An exhilarating experience with one of Sweden's most brilliant performing artists. Emil Jensen combines and mixes his songs and talk on disc and book for the first time and sets out on a new performance tour.

Everyone who has seen Emil enthrall his audience over the years has experienced his completely unique mix of music and wordplay, seriousness and comedy, personal and political. Now he is doing the same thing for the first time on the album, "Ä susar skogen - songs and talk", a themed album about biological diversity, which is both a record and a book. In connection with this, he performs a performance where he mixes material from the album with both newly written material and selections from his song collection and snack collection.

- In the midst of a burning world and a dark time, it feels more important than ever to shine a light on the brilliant life on earth. To be amazed at what we have, at the planet that we so badly want to keep. I will therefore talk and sing about nature protection, cultural protection and peace - a reminder report among all alarm reports, says Emil himself about the performance.

In recent years, Emil has toured with his peculiar performances to packed houses all over the country - at everything from Dramaten to Way out west, from Ale Stenar in the south to Kiruna in the north.

In the summer of 2022, Emil made an attention-grabbing climate tour through Sweden, entirely by bicycle. 400 miles with the guitar in the box, solar panel on the luggage rack and 36 performances with the hit show "En susar skogen". A wayward but adamantly concrete manifestation of sustainability, peace and the brilliant life on earth.

Few artists have the ability to approach the most difficult questions and constantly find the twists and the comedy in the seriousness and in this way succeed in casting both strength and courage, comfort and commitment in the audience at a time when it is needed most.

To understand Emil's versatility as an artist, the awards he has received give some insight, he has the Evert Taube award for his songwriting, the Gustav Fröding award for his lyrics, the Karl-Gerhard award for his shows, numerous environmental awards and has been nominated for Martin Luther The King Award for Civilian Courage.

He has done several acclaimed summer talks and winter talks on Sweden's radio, where he is also heard recurring as a host in Godmorgon, the world and Tankar för dagen.

All this together creates the expression that has become his own, where audiences and listeners are thrown between melancholy and hope, serious global topics and comical personal stories, in a mix that leaves no one untouched.

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