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Selected Wednesdays, when Negroni bar and our á la carte restaurant is open, during the autumn we offer a series of interesting guest performances & drink tastings.

Jonas Brunck was an adventurous farmer who emigrated from Småland to explore the possibilities in America. There he managed to buy some land which was later named Broncks Country – what we know today as the Bronx borough. Another adventurous soul is Jiri Holaseck who, together with his wife, takes advantage of nature's resources. Not far from the village in Småland that Jonas grew up in, Jiri celebrates him with distillates from nature. Jonas Bronck's Spirits produces, among other things, birch spirit, spruce liqueur & chokeberry liqueur. All of these are also available as alcohol-free versions.

Together with our bar master, Alexander, he will let you try the flavors of the forest in liquid form. 3 good drinks with alcohol and 1 non-alcoholic are mixed with curiosities from Jiri about everything that mother nature has to offer at his home.


SEK 595 per person. The tasting starts at 17.00 and lasts about 90 minutes.
Packages are available with tasting and a fixed two-course dinner for SEK 1095 per person, for a perfect evening.

Dates, Times, Location

Wednesday 17 April 2024, at 17:00

In 4 days
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  • Hypoteket
  • Price: SEK 595

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