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The seventh seal according to 123 Schtunk

Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal according to 123 Schtunk.

Now it's time for a long-awaited return visit to 123 Schtunk. Lasse Beischer, Bortas Josefin Andersson and Dick Karlsson come with Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal, according to Schtunk.

"Are you prepared?" "My body is afraid, not myself." The Schtunks are prepared but not afraid. Finally, 123 Schtunk ventures into Bergmanland! And what story could fit better than “The Seventh Seal?” A guest show where there is everything the clowns could ask for; a theater company on tour in the time of the plague, love, hope and doubt and not least a number of classic lines to turn and twist!

Of course, everything is framed by 123 Schtunk's newly written music and, as always, lots of laughs are promised.

contribute: Gone are Josefine Andersson, Lasse Beischer, Dick Karlsson

Script: Ingmar Bergman, 123 Schtunk and Lena Fridell

Script Rights: The Ingmar Bergman Foundation

Production: 123 Schtunk

Buy tickets at or by calling Visit Lund on 046-131415 Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 14pm.

You can also buy tickets over the counter at Lund's Stadsteater. For opening hours see 

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  • Lund's City Theatre
  • Riksteatern Lund

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