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Denim Hunter Pre-screening Hangout at HepCat

Join us for a hangout with our good friend and denim hunting legend Viktor Fredbäck before we all head to Kino cinema to catch a screening of his documentary film, "Denim Hunter"
Snacks are on us, and good hangs will be certain. Come meet Viktor and hear all about his passion for denim, and grab a copy of his renowned book, "True Fit' or check out his latest collaboration project with TCB Jeans, inspired by denim from his collection "Viktor's Voice Good Luck Jeans" and maybe some other special things to be seen.
The film will be screened at Kino at 20:00, for tickets please see there website here:
We will leave the store shortly before the film begins, Stadsbuss 6 from Köket.
About the movie:
Viktor Fredbäck is an ordinary guy from Sweden, but with an odd and burning passion for old jeans. After fifteen years of collecting, he has an almost complete timeline of jeans, from the first Levis jeans of the 1870s to flared trousers of the 1970s. One hundred years of jeans history. But he's missing a pair, a pair from 1880. And you can't find these jeans in a thrift store in Sweden, you have to dig for them in America.
The film follows Viktor on his wild journey through the desert of California and up into the snow-covered Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where he hunts for denim treasures in dangerous abandoned gold mines from the 1800th century. But the dangers lurk not only in the gold mines, but also in other collectors who want the jeans he is looking for.
Along the journey through the old American West, Viktor meets a series of unlikely characters, such as Indiana Jeans, Dynamite Dan, Cookie Monster and jeans archaeologists Mike and Russ.
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