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Danko Jones (CAN)

The Canadian rock trio Danko Jones are masters of delivering powerful and swinging riffs, as well as melodies that immediately stick with the listener. Their music is characterized by energetic rock'n'roll with influences from both hard rock and punk, creating an ultimate experience that is best live. Next year, Danko Jones returns to Sweden for a total of twelve concerts.

Danko Jones was formed in Toronto back in 1996. Driven by a DIY punk rock spirit, they have steadily built up a huge fan base worldwide. If you have ever experienced their unique and fast-paced performances live, it is not difficult to understand that Danko Jones is one of the most celebrated live bands out there. Their music is often characterized by powerful guitar riffs, fast drums and Danko Jones' distinctive voice that provides an intense and vivid experience. The band has established itself as a powerful stage act and has toured extensively around the world. The band behind monster hits such as Had Enough, Good Times, My Little RnR and I think bad thoughts have a fan base that ranges from mainstream radio rock fans to die-hard metalheads. With several studio albums behind them, including critically acclaimed Fire Music, Wild Cat, A Rock Supreme and Power Trio, they are now current with their latest album Electric Sounds, which shows that Danko Jones is more powerful than ever.

Sweden is more or less a second home for Danko Jones and we here at Mejeriet are hugely excited to welcome them home!

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