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Bruno K. Öijer

The Swedish rock stars' favorite poet: Imperiet interpreted him, Kent had him as a warm-up artist at his concert at the Stockholm stadium in 2003. Bruno K Öijer's poems are performances in themselves, of course most of all when he reads them himself with his unfailingly intense and half-sung delivery, but also as printed words on paper, they burn with a completely unique fervor, a completely unique appeal and undiminished language ability - regardless of whether they touch on socially oriented issues or the big questions of life and death.

When Bruno K Öijer releases a new work, it immediately becomes an event, when he takes a stage, the tickets usually run out before most of us have time to react. He made his debut in 1973 with the poetry collection Sång för anarchismen, the breakthrough came with 1990's Medan poisonet verker, and on September 2, Växla ringar med ommarket will be released on Wahlström & Widstrand – the first poetry collection in 10 years. In it, we see a Bruno whose voice the readers will recognize in the themes as well as in the surprising, magical images and the absolute hit of tone. In connection with this, Bruno K Öijer will also go abroad on tour. You'll never regret seeing this scumbag on stage, you'll probably only regret not having done it more times. 

Dates, Times, Location

Saturday 19 October 2024, at 18:00

In 145 days
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  • Lund's City Theatre
  • Mejeriet

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