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Book release by Modeminne

Author interview with Hanna Wittrock about Modeminne with Bodil Schrevelius and Pia SvH who participate as interviewees in the book.

"It is common knowledge that memories of relationships and events can be reinforced by objects and sensory impressions. A charged event in the past can be directly associated with how the light fell in the room, how a bracelet rattled or a shirt felt against the body just as the decisive event took place."

In Modeminne, Philip Warkander and Hanna Wittrock investigate fashion as stimuli for memory: how a garment's design and tactile properties can evoke memories in both the wearer and the viewer. And how an event or era can be symbolized by a certain garment or fashion.

The book is based on interviews and conversations with Thomasine Barnekow, Gaby Borglund, Lalle Johnson, Åsa Linderborg, Lill Lindfors, Aleksa Lundberg, Jonas Lundqvist, Anders Mellbourn, Sunil Munshi, Lars Nilsson, Mustafa Panshiri, Marina Schiptjenko, Bodil Schrewelius, Andrés Stoopendaal, Alexandra von Schwerin, Pia Staël von Holstein, Camilla Thulin and Anna-Karin Wyndhamn. Through their thoughts and stories, fashion and memory are tied together. Proust's famous madeleine cake can be a wardrobe full of bread. Or individual garments. The swimsuit with large sky blue dots, a perfect day at the beach. Or a pair of worn-in jeans that remind you of your mother and the safe corner of your childhood.

Philip Warkander is a lecturer in textile management at the University of Borås and a cultural writer. Hanna Wittrock is a social anthropologist and lecturer in textile management at the University of Borås. She has also been an expert on the panel for the TV program Fråga Lund."

Welcome to the author's conversation with Hanna Wittrock who talks to Bodil Schrewelius and the undersigned greets,

Pia Staël von Holstein

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