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Best before · Henrik Widegren

Best before · Henrik Widegren
- A performance about aging and what we can do about it.

Two days before Henrik turned 50, a letter from Region Skåne arrived. His first thought was that his employer wanted to congratulate him on his birthday. But no, it was an offer to get tested for prostate cancer. Then other actors got in touch. They wanted to tell us about effective teeth whitening, helpful vision correction and how sagging skin can be countered in the best way.

In the media, at dinners and around the coffee table, wrinkles, signs of aging and antidotes are discussed with great commitment. Exercise tips, creams and diet to delay aging have never been so hot. But why do we think so much about age? What actually happens to the body when we get older? Can we really do anything about it? And is 70 the new 20?

With talk, humor and song, artist, songwriter and doctor Henrik Widegren explains how sex, drugs and rock'n'roll turn into sex medicine and doctor rock. Age crises are best treated with joy!

About Henrik Widegren
Henrik Widegren is an ear-nose-throat doctor and has appeared in SVT's popular science program "Fråga Lund" in recent years. Alongside his work at Scania University Hospital in Lund, he is also an artist, lecturer, songwriter and columnist. Since 2019, he has toured the country with his own shows based on humor, music and, fittingly enough, medicine. With songs, facts and curiosities, he has created feelgood and entertainment through the solo shows "Medicinens sjuka historia", "Sjuk, frisk ou mittemellan" and "Bäst vere".

Duration of the performance: 75 minutes.

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