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Watercolor exhibition with Carina Köster

The 12 January to 4 February 2024 do you meet Carina Köster who was born in 1959, grew up in Malmö. Lives and works in Kivik as an artist and course leader since 2019. Worked with design since 1980. Aesthetic education as a designer and interior architect. Since the beginning of the century focused image creation and painting. First solo exhibition in 1998 in Malmö. Artistic education at, among others, the Gerleborg School with studies for several well-known artists. Her painting is intuitive and sketchy even if there is an idea of ​​what she wants to portray. The expression draws on the semi-abstract. Not infrequently, she leaves it to the viewer to complete the picture and is touched by light and movement.

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  • MadsenHärdig's Watercolor Gallery
  • MadsenHärdig's Watercolor Gallery

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