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Ahmed Berhan - NO DRIVE!

Comedian of the year Ahmed Berhan goes on his first solo tour - NO DRIVE

-What does a person without drive dream about? Come see a dream come true, my first solo tour.
When Ahmed Berhan was 13, he heard Chris Rock's standup show on a CD and began to love the art form. On July 9, 2006, Ahmed got the chance to try stand up on a stage for the first time, and after that he was completely hooked. It was the funnest thing he had ever done. Ahmed has since then, among other things, participated in Släng dig i brunnen, Comedy Central, RawComedy Club and done 8 sold-out tours with the popular comedy trio SEMST, which in addition to Ahmed consists of Jonatan Unge and Branne Pavlovic. In other words, he has been on stage and doing standup quite a bit since the evening in the basement in 2006 but has never stepped out and toured with his own show until now! 

This autumn, Ahmed is going out on his first, very own solo show around Sweden. Ahmed is an acclaimed comedian and actor. In 2023, he made an attention-grabbing summer talk in Sommar i P1 and became a two-time winner of the Swedish Humor Prize, where he was named Male Comedian of the Year and his popular SVT program IFS (Immigrants for Swedes) was named Comedy Program of the Year. Ahmed has also been seen and heard in several radio and TV programs over the years, including Morgonpasset in P3, Tankesmedjan in P3, Parliament, 1 against Sweden and as an actor in TV productions such as Bert and Kontoret as well as playing the lead role in the film "Hjärtat ” and in the play “8 square”.

Lund's City Theater 12 October
The doors open at 19.30

Dates, Times, Location

Saturday 12 October 2024, at 20:00

In 119 days
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