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The goal of 5 things is for us to become a little wiser by learning from each other. The concept is simple: three invited guests are given 25 minutes to talk about five things they have learned from life.

Insights are interspersed with humor and life experience.

Welcome to a cozy moment in the autumn darkness where three interesting guests share five insights from life. For 25 minutes each, Pontus, Malena and Emme will talk about their most valuable lessons from life. Be sure to bring your friends, family and colleagues and take part in an emotional evening unlike any other!

Pontus Bergendahl is the middle manager who resigned to work full-time with the climate, primarily through the climate organization Restore Wetlands. He is the first climate activist to be imprisoned in Sweden, after stopping a number of airplanes from taking off.

Malena Laszlo is a singer and actor who has performed on a long list of the country's major theater stages and concert halls. Among other things, she has played Sally Bowles at Dramaten, worked with Ingmar Bergman and was awarded the prestigious Guldmasken award. She also runs the orchestra Laszlo Royale, which entertains the Nobel laureates in the City Hall, and is herself the singer who has performed the most times at the Nobel Festival.

Emme Adébo is one of the driving forces in Skåne handball's association life. He is the club manager for LUGI Handball and has previously been operations manager for Skåne's Handball Association. He is an important pawn in the new LUGI that is being built.

Where: Stadshallen in Lund, entrance at Botulfshörnan
When: Tuesday 24/10, at 18:00 – approx. 19.30:17.30 (we open the doors at XNUMX:XNUMX)
Organizer: Altitude Meetings

Free, advance registration required!

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Lighter food and drinks are available for purchase. You decide the entry yourself and all proceeds go directly to the humanitarian work of the Red Cross.

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