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2 twenties – an introduction

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With a hundred years of perspective, we can look back at the 1920s; the "new age" after the First World War and a worldwide pandemic (the Spanish flu). This time was in many ways the beginning of modern society which shaped, and continues to influence, our time. Societies change, values ​​are nuanced and new ideas are born, which also has consequences for individuals. The 1920s was a time of great upheaval, liberation and faith in the future, but also a hardening zeitgeist. The 2020s also means major changes and challenges, to some extent reminiscent of the 1920s - but there are also major differences. Values ​​and attitudes do not arise in a vacuum, but are influenced by the political, economic, social and cultural conditions and ideas of previous time periods.

Join museum educator Mattias Nordahn Larsson on an introduction to the exhibition 2 twenties which connects the 1920s to our own contemporary times with various challenges and issues.

Included in the entrance fee, no advance booking. Gathering at the back of the White House (entrance hall). There is a sign indicating where the meeting point is.

Dates, Times, Location

Wednesday 19 June 2024, at 14:00

In 23 days
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