Lund City

Viet Cuisine

1. Com Ga
Rice with chicken and fresh vegetables (strong or not).
99 SEK

2. Com Chai
Rice with fresh vegetables and cashew nuts (strong or not).
99 SEK

3. Com Tôm
Rice with shrimp and fresh vegetables (strong or not).
99 SEK

4. Pho
Vietnamese noodle soup in long-boiled meat broth. Choose between chicken, steak or mixed.
SEK 105/SEK 120

5. Goi Cuon
Fresh rolls with shrimp, egg, salad, carrot, cucumber & rice noodles.
99 SEK

6. Com cow
Rice with garlic-marinated steak and fresh vegetables.
99 SEK

Mårtenstorget 1
223 51

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 11am-18pm
Sat 11am-15pm
Handelsföreningen Lund

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